Have You Boosted Engagement With Postmatic Yet?

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Being great looking, high performance, and easy to use are only the beginning of what it takes to create a successful site. You also need a strategy for building a following and engaging your readers.

Notice I didn’t say “get lots of traffic.” Yes, lots of traffic is good, but unless you have a huge advertising budget you need to cultivate a strong base of supporters. These are visitors who not only keep coming back, but share your content, comment on your content and talk about your site to others.

There is no better way to create this type of engaged following then through WordPress commenting. Too often we push this type of conversation to social media. But social media engagement is fleeting. Good social sharing is important the first few days, but then that conversation is lost. Commenting keeps the discussion on your site and prolongs it. It also adds natural, relevant search keywords to your page.

What Postmatic Does

You know how on Facebook, or pretty much everything on the web (besides WordPress) when you get an email about a comment, you just hit reply to add a new comment? Postmatic fixes that.

Postmatic allows users to subscribe to all posts on your site, or the comments of a post. It means that those who comment on a post not only get follow up comments in their email, but they can reply without going to your site. That’s huge when you consider the fact that they’re probably reading their email on their phone, on the go.

We Use It

I recently activated Postmatic on my personal site just before I published a post I figured would get a lot of traffic. That post ended up getting a few thousand page views over a week. Having Postmatic activated made it easy for me to ask follow up questions of commenters and for them to respond. Awesome.


Thanks to Postmatic, I could also moderate all of those comments, after Akismet filtered out the spam, without leaving Gmail. Bonus points for that.

I plan to write more content on this site, so I activated Postmatic here. On my personal site there are no other users besides me but I was able to send my past commenters invitations via Postmatic to become site subscribers. On this site we have hundreds of registered users, so with Postmatic I was able to send them all an email to opt in to subscribing to our blog.

We Helped Make It More Awesome

For our site we just imported registered users, but Postmatic can also import users from other sources, including Jetpack comments, MailChimp, MailPoet and Subscribe 2 Comments Reloaded and, as I mentioned above, reach out to your past commenters.

Postmatic is a client of our custom plugin development service. We helped them build the MailChimp and Subscribe 2 Comments Reloaded importers.

In the latest version we also helped build their integrated front-end optin forms. Postmatic now has the ability to create popup, slidein, and topbar optins for site subscriptions. Its all powered by our Caldera Modals framework. I’m trying it out a timed slide-in, and on my site.

And It Works With Caldera Forms

cf-postmatic-bannerPostmatic has a widget for subscribing to the site, and adds a subscribe option to the comment form. Along with the new optin options that covers most of your needs. But, if you want to integrate subscriptions into your contact form, or any other form, you’ll want to use the free Postmatic for Caldera Forms add-on.

Give It A Try! It’s Free!

Postmatic is free, including the Optins package and ability to send new posts to users and accept comments in reply. They have a premium version with cool mail templates, enhanced email delivery, and other excellent features worth the low price.

So give it a shot, and let me know what you think once you have, by leaving a comment 🙂



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