Updates To Easy Pods, Easy Queries and Clarity for FacetWP


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Earlier this week we released an update to Caldera Forms and three new payment processors. The week of releases continues as we have pushed updates to three off our plugins today: Easy Queries, Easy Pods and Clarity for FacetWP.

Next week we will be hard at work on improving Caldera Forms further, and the exciting new add-ons we have planned: our front-end entry viewer and connected forms. We have a lot of fun making plugins, and if you’d like help improving your own plugins or turning your great idea into reality, let us know.

Easy Pods 1.1.3

easypods-bannerEasy Pods 1.1.3 is a minor bug fix release. There are just a few changes to fix certain queries which were not behaving as intended.

Please keep in mind the following two changes:

  • Easy Pods now requires Pods 2.5.4 or later.
  • Past versions used the Caldera Forms shortcode for forms for Easy Pods that were search queries. This is no longer the case. All Easy Pods now use the Easy Pods shortcode. This change is backwards compatible. It is strongly encouraged to change your shortcodes as this issue fixes a bug casuing the wrong Easy Pod to be loaded when two Easy Pods shared the same form.

This release has two other improvements:

  • Fixes issue preventing proper querying of some fields of taxonomy Pods.
  • Automatically cast date and number fields of meta storage post type Pods when ordering by them.

Clarity For FacetWP 1.2.5 & Easy Queries 1.0.2

The updates for both of these plugins is especially minor. The Advanced Custom Fields magic tag added in the last version of FacetWP is improved and is now included in Easy Queries. In Easy Queries we fixed issues preventing certain queries form generating properly and a bug that affected the UI when an Easy Query was being used as a search form and Caldera Forms is later deactivated.

In addition, we have fixed an issue where some users were unable to dismiss notices to activate their licenses when they chose not to.

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