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It’s been less than a month since our last release of Caldera Forms and we are super-excited to tell you about the next new version.

Caldera Forms 1.3.5 adds three new features:

  • Forms In Modals
  • Advanced File Upload Fields
  • Optional Usage Tracking

This update is available from or via our Github now.

New Features

Forms In Modals

Caldera Forms Shortcode InserterYou can now make your form open in a modal. This new feature allows you to add a simple button to your page and a modal window will appear over the page. This is an excellent way to add a form to a page without it taking up a lot of space on the page.

This new feature is excellent for WordPress login forms and custom event registration forms.

For more information on opening form in modals, please see the documentation for the Caldera Forms shortcode.

Advanced File Upload Fields

Our existing file upload fields use the native HTML file uploader. That default system leaves a lot to be desired in terms of usability and customizability. We have recived many user requests for features that can’t be added to our existing file field, so we made a new kind.

cf-multi-fileWe chose to make a new field type beacuse it is so radically different from the existing field and didn’t want to make a big change to your form layouts. Users will probably want to switch to the new field type, just make sure to test it first.

You can get all the details on the new field type here.

Advanced Usage Tracking

We now have an optional usage tracking system. We believe that business need to know how their products are being used in order to succeed. And we believe this goes both ways. This tool, which requires that you voluntarily turn it on, will not only help us understand Caldera Forms users so that we can better plan our development roadmap to meet our user’s needs.

Also, we will be using this new system in the future to help you, our users, make better sites and higher converting forms. Stay tuned for more details.

When you choose to enable usage tracking, Caldera Forms will be recording specific information about how Caldera Forms is used — no personal details — and record that data in your database. That date will then be periodically sent to our servers anonymously. As we develop tools to analyze and use this data we will make them available to you.

For more details about what is and isn’t tracked, see this post.

Resolved Bugs

You can read our readme, and see the closed issues on the 1.3.5 milestone for full details on what has changed. The big bugs we have fixed:

  • Better handling for errors from form submissions API
  • Fixed an error preventing some form entry viewers from displaying
  • Bug preventing forms from being disabled and from non-admin users seeing pinned form entries in the admin
  • Bug preventing toggle switch fields from working in some forms

As always if you have found a bug in Caldera Forms, please open an issue on Github.