Announcing Caldera Forms Bundles: A New Way To Pay For The Easiest Drag-and-Drop Form Builder for WordPress

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The growth of Caldera Forms, which has been made possible by our users, has been really fantastic.  And today we are making it easier to use Caldera Forms and our large selection of add-ons to develop professional sites easier and more affordable by introducing our new bundles.

This is an exciting month for us. Last week, we announced the launch of Caldera Labs, a move in the direction of our goal of being the leader in plugins that make WordPress better, more powerful, and even fun. Today this continues by announcing our bundles, and letting you know that next week we will be releasing Caldera Forms integrations for ConvertKit and Aweber.

What does this mean for you? If you’re already a Caldera Forms customer, we have great news: you are eligible for a pro-rated upgrades to any bundle of your choice. Yes, any bundle – for example, if you bought a 15 Site License for $120, you can discount $120 from any of our new, perk-packed offerings, which start at $139.

However, if you rather just keep doing what you’re doing, you can, too. All of the Caldera Forms add-ons will still be available for individual purchase, at a single flat fee per year subscription.

And for everyone, new Caldera Forms users included, we have an amazing limited-time deal for you. For a short period, the we are offering an unlimited bundle. Yes, this means that in celebration of our Caldera Forms pricing bundles launch, you can make one purchase of Caldera Forms and have all of its add-ons, updates and support – forever. It even includes FormWorks.

The only thing limted about our unlimited bundle is that it will not be available for long.
To learn more about the new bundles, click here. And as always, thanks for being our customer. We are on a journey and it’s exciting to have you on it with us. Keep checking back, as an update for Caldera Forms, and other cool new add-ons are coming soon.

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