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I, like many people in the WordPress community, get very upset when I see WordPress spelled with a lowercase p. On one hand, it’s a silly thing that we’re so defensive about a seemingly small thing. On the other hand, I’m proud to be a member of this community — to have contributed to WordPress core, been a part of WordCamps and the larger community, so yah, I want everyone to spell this community’s name right.

Since I was a kid, I’ve had a nerdish obsession with certain science-fiction and with certain types of music. I spent a lot of time in my twenties going way too deep into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. These days I’m more focused on the Caldera Forms and Caldera Labs brand and, recently, the nuances of cross-platform HTML emails.

Don’t worry, I still watched Force Awakens 5 times. But I’ve spent a lot more time obsessing over how to present Caldera Forms and the Caldera Labs — notice we don’t say CalderaWP anymore — brand to the world.

We’ve refined it a lot over the last two years. A huge part of that process of refinement has been how we do business via email. Everything that has to do with email and WordPress – form submissions, receipts, email marketing, etc. – has been integral to our business. Caldera Forms Pro is a response to our customers’ needs, but it’s also a response to our needs. That’s why I’m excited that we can now use Caldera Forms Pro to bring that effort into one system that is one integrated package for everyone.

Your Emails Should Look Good

Consistency is a key component of branding. I don’t do design, I didn’t make our logo, but I have spent two years making sure it’s all over the place.

I’m proud of our logo and our brand and I hope you’re proud of your brand too. So when I spend a ton of time making sure my website is perfectly branded, but then I send an autoresponder email with a bunch of blue lines in it? That’s a no-go for me, and it probably is for you as well.

The Caldera Forms Pro layout builder is a simple tool to create responsive, multi-column layouts for emails and PDFs. This means we can have consistent, well-branded emails that make a good impression — 1st impressions are important, but so are 2nd and 3rd impressions.

The One Location To Rule Them All

I recently logged into a user’s website, and they had hundreds of forms. This is someone who makes websites for clients. It reminded me of how quickly a simple form on a page gets complex, fast. Tools like WordPress and Caldera Forms make it easy to build landing pages, and more, but keeping track of it all can quickly become a hassle.

Since email layouts are controlled in one central location it’s easy to update them to change any special messages you want all of your leads to see. For example, right now, as you can probably guess, we want to put a reminder about Caldera Forms Pro in all of our emails:


A wide view of the Caldera Forms Pro layout editor

So What Does It Do?

The Caldera Forms layout builder is a responsive email layout builder, tightly integrated with Caldera Forms. Customizing how emails are created, formatted and branded is something we talk a lot with users about and Caldera Forms Pro is simply about making that easier.

This new app gives you unlimited layouts. Each layout, which can be used for emails or PDFs or both.

The layout builder itself is based around rows and columns, like Caldera Forms. Each of the three rows can have up to three columns. In each of these columns you can add images, text areas, or the message created in the Caldera Forms settings. Since the text area section supports Caldera Forms field magic tags, you have two ways to control your messages.

With full style controls for colors and fonts, you can keep your messages on brand with more control than ever. In addition to the delivery stats and click tracking I discussed last week, you also get message downloads and previews, right from the app.

A screenshot of the feature that edits content in Caldera Forms Pro

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