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Crater Lake in the winterWe’ve been beta testing Caldera Forms Pro for a few weeks now and are happy to say it went great. Starting today, anyone can sign up. This is awesome 🙂

Not only that, today we deployed an update for Caldera Forms Pro. It is now possible to use Caldera Forms magic tags in text areas of the layout builder. We’ve streamlined the login process and greatly improved the layout builder user interface.

Thank you to our beta testers for helping us get Caldera Forms Pro. Thank you to Junior Developer / Space Astronaut Grade 1 Nicolas Figueira who has done great work to improve the product’s user interface beyond what I could ever do alone. Thank you to the team at Easily Amused that made the Caldera Forms Pro product page and otherwise improved our site. Also, thank you to the open-source technologies we’ve built Caldera Forms Pro with like WordPress, Laravel, VueJS and Vuetify.

TL;DR Caldera Forms Pro is a new SaaS platform for improving Caldera Forms. One important feature of Caldera Forms Pro is enhanced email delivery – more reliable emails with delivery, open and click tracking. It’s available for purchase today. Get your free 7 day trial here. Learn about the difference between what our free plugin provides vs Caldera Forms Pro vs our add-ons here.

Forms – More Awesome

Reliable Emails – No Hassle

Using Caldera Forms Pro to see if a message was opened, clicked or marked as spam. Also you can view the sent message as HTML or download as a PDFWhen I started working on a form builder plugin, I didn’t know I’d get obsessed with how to make the emails deliver reliably. Seems simple right? I was wrong and I hate that our users too often realize once it’s too late that it’s not that simple.

Caldera Forms Pro, with the Apex Plan, makes sending emails reliably nothing you have to worry about. It just works, no complex setups, no messing with DNS. It just works. If your Caldera Forms emails are not sending, sign up for Caldera Forms Pro, put in your API keys and stop worrying. We even added a “Resend Message” button in the entry viewer so once you have product setup you can send all the lost messages.

Well, formerly lost messages.

Learn more about how Caldera Forms Pro fixes your email problems here. As a bonus, when this “enhanced delivery” mode is engaged, you will get tracking stats for when the email was delivered, opened and clicked.

Beautiful Emails – Branding Consistency

Footer of a Caldera Forms auto-responder email with special message inserted using the fancy layout builder of Caldera Forms Pro.Time and time again we’ve heard from people who tried Caldera Forms and were impressed by how good the forms looked with no extra effort and how easy they were to style when something did need customized. We know that looks matter.

The Caldera Forms Pro layout builder, available in the Apex Plan and Awesome Plan, is a visual builder for PDFs and responsive emails. It’s a simple editor with a lot of power.

Learn more about the Caldera Forms layout builder and the importance of branding consistency here.

Form To PDF – Next Level

In the announcement post for Caldera Forms Pro I wrote about how this new app is based on listening to users and solving the tough problems that required more than a plugin could provide alone.

We launched Caldera Forms PDF last year because form to PDF was a commonly requested feature. This new product, in many ways, is an extension of the Caldera Forms PDF service and improves on it in many ways. The PDFs look better now, handle non-ASCII characters better, can have images, and can be attached to emails.

These are features that real users asked for, and we delivered, in every Caldera Forms Pro plan.

Explaining The Value of Caldera Forms Pro To Your Clients

When you sell a website to a client, that’s awesome, but it’s only the first step towards creating an ongoing relationship. Continuing to show value after the site is launched is an essential step to keeping your business relationship going — and profitable for you and your client.

Caldera Forms Pro is one way to show your client that you’ve removed a source of frustration — emails not sending — and track their lead generation. Use this tool to sell an ongoing relationship with your clients and make your client’s lives easier. Email is a pain, don’t transfer that pain to your clients, let us solve that for you.

Use It On Unlimited Sites

Catdera Mascot hugging Caldera globe logoCaldera Forms Pro is a web app, not a plugin, like we normally sell. While Caldera Forms add-ons are sold with licenses for a specific number of sites, Caldera Forms Pro is sold based on features and number of emails.

Depending on the number of messages each of your sites send, you may be able to use one Caldera Forms Pro API key on many sites or you might want one account per site. Whatever works for you.

As the license holder, it’s up to you and sharing keys between sites might help you increase the margin on your monthly maintenance plans for your clients. If you offer hosting to clients, and would like to bundle Caldera Forms Pro to increase the value you provide to your clients, and your recurring revenue, get in touch.

Try Caldera Forms Free Today

After successful beta testing, Caldera Forms Pro is available for anyone to sign up for today. You can get a 7 day free trial to see for yourself what Caldera Forms Pro can do for you and do for your clients.

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