Caldera Forms Add-Ons

Caldera Forms has the most free features of any WordPress form plugin. It wouldn’t make sense for Word to charge for “bold”! So we don’t charge for conditional logic, file uploads, multiple pages and more. 

When you need to extend your form for professional use, Caldera Forms works with all of your favorite third party tools and services. Get all of the expected add-ons, and some unexpected ones, too: Caldera Forms has unique features like Connected Caldera Forms, Enhanced Email Delivery, Advanced Antispam and more. 

*PayPal Pro For Caldera FormsCaldera Forms Customizer For Divi & Extra, and Caldera Forms Translations By Weglot are third-party add-ons on by independent vendors.

Complex Forms Made Easy.

Caldera Forms is a different kind of WordPress form builder. Developed to be responsive, intuitive and meet the needs of the modern WordPress web application builder. Try us out today and experience what WordPress site building could be.