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My Dog Josie Is Very Friendly

How To Create SEO Friendly URLs With WordPress

Proper search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of creating a successful site that gets traffic. SEO has tons of factors, including creating the


Updates To Easy Pods, Easy Queries and Clarity for FacetWP

Earlier this week we released an update to Caldera Forms and three new payment processors. The week of releases continues as we have pushed updates to three of our plugins today: Easy Queries, Easy Pods and Clarity for FacetWP.

New Features For Our DIY Form Processor

Run action, our “do it your self” form processor is a simple tool that lets developers use Caldera Forms as a front-end and process the data anyway they choose. In this new release, the add-on grew the ability to fire a filter, and there is more control over when it runs.


What’s New In Caldera Forms 1.2.3?

Today we release an update to Caldera Forms, version 1.2.3. This new version fixes several bugs, and adds a few cool new features. We have introduced a new type of field: the autocomplete field, which provides a great alternative to long drop-down fields.