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Introducing Caldera Easy Queries

Powerful WordPress queries -- made easy.
Today we are excited to announce the release of Caldera Easy Queries. This powerful new tool is a visual editor for WordPress queries, with a flexible templating system, and the ability to create responsive, live updating searches.Read More

Important Change To License Management In Our Plugins

In order to better serve our paying customers, we are changing how licenses are managed from within WordPress. This change does not affect the terms of the license, the license codes, or our responsibilities to our customers to provide updates and supports.Read More

Introducing Caldera Metabox Organizer & More!

Unify all post metaboxes into one interface
The other day I logged into my personal site to write a post and felt like I had been translated back into ancient history. The post editor was so cluttered. I’d been spoiled by the fact that on this site, we’d been testing Caldera Metabox Organizer. This awesome new plugin lets you put ...Read More

What Makes Caldera Forms A Great Developer’s Tool

Caldera Forms Banner - A different kind of WordPress form builder.
Caldera Forms is designed to be simple and easy to use. Most of the time when I use the plugin, I create the forms I need using the user interface, and it works really well. That said, as a developer I often need to do things that I can't do from the UI, or with ...Read More

Caldera Forms 1.2 & More Updates

Caldera Forms just got prettier and more powerful, along with a several important bug fixes. We have also release updates for the Stripe add-on for Caldera Forms, and Clarity for FacetWP. Details about these updates can be found below. Be sure to keep an eye on the Caldera Forms Add-on page┬áthis week. We’ve ...Read More

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