Caldera Forms Third Party Developer Program

WordPress plugin developers: make money with Caldera Forms through our third party developer program.

Third-Party Caldera Forms Developer Program

In this guide you will find:

  • Why Make A Caldera Forms Add-On?
  • How To Create A Caldera Forms Add-On
  • How Your Relationship With The Caldera Forms Team Will Work
  • Show Me The Money
  • Checklist For Third-Party Devs
  • Apply

Why Make A Caldera Forms Add-On?

Caldera Forms is growing fast. We just passed the 100,000+ active install mark and are growing fast. This is the perfect time to get involved: our marketplace is large enough to be worth your time, but not so large that your work will go ignored and not make you money.

Together, we can take this to the next level and have fun making fun stuff (and some $) together.

You can obviously make whatever you want and distribute it in any GPL compatible way. You can read below to learn how to do it. If you want maximum exposure for your add-on, you can work with us to sell it on 

How To Create A Caldera Forms Add-On

We have created the following resources for you, and we’re pushing out more. If the list below is missing something you need, tell us.

Below are some examples of common add-on formats, which you may use as a starter template for your add-on:

If you build a Caldera Forms add-on we encourage you to give access to your Git repo to Josh (Shelob9 on Bitbucket and Github) so that we can check out what you’re doing and be helpful if we can. It is required if you want to sell on our site.

Please send development related questions to Josh via email – – or via DM in Slack (Shelob9).

Need Ideas?

Want to make money with Caldera Forms, but not sure what to build? We get integration requests from customers all of the time – we have a list of things you could build and be guaranteed to make sales. We’re especially short on CRM integrations. We could also use add-ons that make Caldera Forms look cooler. Here is a Google Doc that details some additional out-of-the-box ideas.

How Your Relationship With The Caldera Forms Team Will Work

We think of our third-party developers as team members, we want you to rock this, have fun and make solid supplemental income doing it. Third-party developers get added to our Slack and treated like team members. With that in mind, here are some expectations that will help make sure that we’re all working together.

From Everyone:

  • For us both to succeed, timely written communication is a must. We will do our best to communicate bugs, issues, feature requests, and other relevant information in a timely, efficient manner. Likewise, we expect that you will return our emails, respond to issues, etc. with the same care and consideration.

From Us:

  • We will list your add-on on our site and promote it along with all our other add-ons.
  • We will help you write better copy for your sales pages, as well as make suggestions about descriptions and screenshots that will increase conversions.

From You:

  • Before your add-on can go live, you must submit all required items (see the checklist below) and we must approve all of them.
  • You will understand that part of the promotion of your product is that sometimes we run sales, and this may cut into your regular commission per sale.
  • When a new version of WordPress or Caldera Forms is released, your add-on should be tested with it promptly.
  • We expect that you will be actively improving and updating your extension as necessary. Responding to bugs and feature requests will help your extension be successful.
  • If a user reports a bug or has an issue that is more in-depth than settings questions, we expect you to provide prompt support. This will be handled via the email you have provided to us, so you must check that email regularly.

If we feel that you are not meeting these expectations, we will let you know so that any issues can be corrected. If these remain uncorrected after a reasonable amount of time, we may take action about your add-on to make sure that our users do not have negative experiences.

Where Can I Sell My Add-On?

We have 4 different ways in which we would love to help distribute your add-on.

  1. You develop it and give it away on or Github
  2. You develop it and sell it on your site.
  3. You make something cool and give it to us. We sell it and continue development.
    • We pay you a flat fee in this scenario, to be negotiated based on the add-on. This is the “I made something cool for a client, maybe you can use it” situation where you don’t want to be responsible for ongoing work.
  4. You develop it and we sell it on our site and we provide first-tier support.
    • We sell it and give you a commission.
    • Support goes to us. If there is a bug, we will open a detailed issue in your Git repo and expect a fix.

Show Me The Money

Interested in selling on Keep reading.

Caldera Forms third-party developers receive 50% of each sale. The 50% that is retained by us covers the cost of promoting the products, maintaining the checkout and product pages, and making sure communication tools work effectively. If you would like for us to take care of first-tier support, we will take an additional 25% of commission.  If a support ticket is submitted that requires in-depth troubleshooting, we will open a detailed issue in your Git repo and expect a fix, regardless of support agreement.

We pay out extension commissions once per month the one month after receiving the payment. We have a 30-day refund policy, and so we hold funds from sales until that refund window has passed. For example, if a user purchased your extension on 23 January, you would receive the payment in your 1 March distribution. All commissions are paid via PayPal in USD.

We do not have exclusivity terms. You are always free to sell your add-on on your own site and keep 100% of the profits, but you may not misrepresent yourself as affiliated with Caldera Forms.

Checklist for Third-Party Devs

In short, below are the steps you’ll need to complete to get your third-party add-on on

  1. You complete our marketplace application form below
  2. We’ll get your message and get back to you to discuss your idea
  3. If approved, we will send you a 3rd-party vendor agreement and add you to our Slack channel
  4. You will send your Git repo link to us in the 3rd-party dev Slack channel
    • If private, add Josh — Shelob9 on Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket
    • We will git for code review and issues, you must use Git to manage your add-on
  5. You will integrate licensing as outlined in this document
  6. You will send us banners (see banner specs here), a headshot, screenshots of the plugin, sales copy for the getting started guide, and sales copy for the product page
  7. When your product is ready, we will choose a release date, put your add-on for sale on, publish a Getting Started guide for your product, write a blog post announcing your release, and promote your launch on social media. 


Ready? We are! We’re super excited to see you succeed with Caldera Forms. Fill out the form below to get started. Yes, it’s a Caldera Form. 😉

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