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Josh Pollock presenting at WPCampus

WPCampus 2016 Recap

Last weekend I had the honor to be a part of the inaugural WPCampus – a conference for WordPress in higher education. Read some of my highlights.

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A Squirrel That Is Worried Hackers Might Steal Its Acorn

Does Your WordPress Site Need SSL?

It is not always required to use an SSL certificate for your WordPress site, with the risks being serious, and the rewards of using HTTPS being what they are, you really should just do it to protect your data, reputation and SEO.

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An exotic squirrel hiding in a tree.

Finding Hidden WordPress Errors With Debug Logging

The more dynamic and AJAX driven a site is the harder it is to see errors, even with WP_DEBUG enabled. In this post I’m going to show you how to use the debug logging features in WordPress to record and detect errors that might not otherwise be visible to you.

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FormWorks by CalderaWP Banner

Using FormWorks

FormWorks tells you how your users interact with your forms. Beyond measuring conversion rate, it measures views and engagement. In this article you will learn

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