For Caldera Forms: Getting Started for Caldera Forms

Using with WordPress is made possible with Caldera Forms, and the payment processor plugin. This document shows you how to integrate with WordPress using responsive forms created with Caldera Forms.

In order to accept payments with using Caldera Forms you will need to have an active account, the For Caldera Forms Payment Processor, and Caldera Forms 1.3 or later installed and activated.

Important: for Caldera Forms requires that your site uses the secure HTTPS protocol. Please configure a valid SSL certificate, and set your site to use HTTPS before attempting to use it on a live site. Sandbox mode is available via the insecure HTTP protocol for testing, but no actual transactions can be made via HTTP.

Obtaining your API Keys

Log into your account, and then from dashboard look in the left-hand sidebar and scroll down to the “Account” section and click on the “Settings” item. In the Settings page, find the “Security Settings” and click on the “API Login ID and Transaction Key: link.

On the page that links you to, you need to find and record these two pieces of information:

  • API Login ID
  • Transaction Key

Creating Payment Forms

Please click one of the links above for detailed instructions on how to use each processor.

The version 1 processor is no longer supported. It is included in version 2 so the upgrade does not break existing forms.