Caldera Forms Getting Started: Choosing Your Notifications

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Choosing how your notificationsĀ are sent in Caldera Forms can be quite crucial to your blog or business. Selecting the correct notification type to use and when to use it can play a big part with your customer satisfaction. In this article, you will learn how to choose which notification to use with Caldera Forms.

Most likely you will be sending one or more emails for each form submission. Caldera Forms Pro is cost-effective and easy to use service to make sure your Caldera Forms emails are delivered and look good.

Why Use The Notifications Tab

The email notifications tab is the main notification feature that Caldera Form uses to notify administrators or contacts that need to receive the compiled information from your Caldera Form. This notification tab is not the email notification that is sent to the user that recently submitted the form. The notification tab is ideal if you are processing form information, such as a contact form. Be sure to checkout Setting Up The Caldera Forms Email Notification.

Setting Up The Caldera Forms Email Notification

Why Use An Auto Responder In Addition To Email Notification

The Auto Responder processor is for users that have submitted a form. This is used to send a notification to that user typically to inform the user that their query was received. For example – ‘Thank you for sending a query, a representative will contact you shortly’. If you are looking to setup an auto responder with Caldera Forms, be sure to check outĀ Using The Caldera Form Auto Responder Processor.

Using The Caldera Forms Auto Responder Processor

Why Use Multiple Auto Responders

You are able to use multiple auto responders with Caldera Forms which means you are able to notify the same user with multiple emails after the form has been submitted or send multiple users a notification. This will be used if you want to break up the notification message or data into multiple emails, an example would be sending a separate email address for a download link describing the product they have opted in for.

Why Use Conditional Recipients

With the use of conditional recipient processor in Caldera Forms you are able to send the form data to specific people or departments. This is great if you have a dropdown with multiple options and each option would point to a specific email address.

Using The Conditional Recipients Processor

Why Send A Slack Notification

Sending a Slack notification to your team is great if you need to be notified as soon as an email has been received from your Caldera Form. This is ideal for support departments or if you want to keep an additional log of the incoming requests in your Slack team. Be sure to grab the Caldera Forms Slack add-on and integrate your internal communications with your leads.

Caldera Forms Slack Integration

Why Use MailChimp For Your Emails

MailChimp is ideal for sending mass emails, such as email campaigns. With MailChimp, you have the ability to assign users to a certain list according to their form input which will help identify existing customers to your potential customers. This gives great opportunity for up-selling your products to the right audience. Start your email marketing journey with Caldera Forms MailChimp Add-on.

Caldera Forms MailChimp Add-On

Why Send An SMS Notification

Sending an SMS notification is great in certain use-cases such as insurance claims, complaints or any other situation that the user would need to be notified immediately through SMS.

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