Caldera Forms EDD – Getting Started

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The Caldera Forms Easy Digital Downloads processor adds an auto-population option for Caldera Forms select fields for Easy Digital Downloads products. It also offers a processor that causes a field to be populated with downloads licensed with Easy Digital Downloads Software licensing. This is used in our support form, for example.

Using The Auto-population Option

Caldera Forms Select Field For Easy Digital DownloadsWhen this add-on, select fields will have an “Easy Digital Downloads” option when you choose to you field auto-population. When used the field will use the ID of the download product as value, and title as the label. It has no options.

This field can be customized using the “cf_edd_pro_autopopulate_options” filter. This filter exposes the WP_Query arguments used to populate the field.

Using The Software Licensing Processor

Caldera Forms Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing For Caldera Forms Processor Setup

Setting Up The Field For Caldera Forms Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing For Caldera Forms ProcessorIf you want to create a field for a user — by default the logged in user’s licensed downloads, you can use this processor.

To use this processor you first need to make a field. Create any type of select field in your form. You do not need to give it any options. They will be ignored.

Once you have added the field, add the “EDD: License Download” processor to your form. This processor has three settings:

  • Field In this setting, map the field that you create and wish to be filled with the user’s  licensed downloads.
  • User ID In this field you can set the ID of the user whose licenses are used. Leaving this empty will use the current, logged in user’s ID.
  • Empty Message This message will be shown if the user has no licensed downloads.