Caldera Forms Free vs Pro

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Caldera Forms is a free WordPress plugin. We have a wide range of add-on plugins which you can buy individually or in cost-saving bundles. We also have a paid service called Caldera Forms Pro that improves the experience of working with your entries and messages.

With the free plugin you can do all of this and more:

  • Create unlimited forms
  • Add unlimited fields — including fancy fields to your forms.
    • Don’t get too carried away, you want people to get to the submit button 🙂
  • Create multi-page forms
  • Use powerful conditional logic
  • Save entries to the database
  • Create and edit WordPress posts
  • View and edit saved entries
  • Send emails

Some cool things you can do with Caldera Forms Pro include:

  • Easily increase the reliability of your email delivery
  • Create PDFs of your entries and attach them to emails
  • View PDFs and HTML of your messages later
  • See if your message was opened, clicked, or marked as spam

We have more than 25 add-ons you can install to add capabilities including:


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