Caldera Forms Pro: Getting Started

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Caldera Forms Pro is a service that makes everything about Caldera Forms emails and notifications more awesome. This is a quick start guide to using Caldera Forms Pro.

Before You Get Started

In order to use Caldera Forms Pro, you must have installed Caldera Forms 1.5.1 on your WordPress site and have a Caldera Forms Pro account. You will also want to make sure that your WordPress site gets meets the minimum requirements to use Caldera Forms Pro.

The Caldera Forms Pro client plugin will need to be installed on any site you wish to use Caldera Forms Pro with. Installing the Caldera Forms Pro API client on your WordPress site is explained below. You should set up the app before installing the client plugin. The Caldera Forms Pro client app can be installed from inside of Caldera Forms or by downloading it from Github.


Setting Up Caldera Forms Pro Account

Logging Into Caldera Forms Pro

Caldera Forms Pro Login ScreenTo login to the app, navigate to You will likely be directed to login. On the login page, you will use your account to login.

After you login, you will ask to select which of your Caldera Forms Pro accounts you wish to use, by public key. We make it possible to have more than one account so if you develop sites for clients, you can give each one a different account. Select the account to continue button. You will be taken to the Caldera Forms Pro app and should now see the Caldera Forms Pro main dashboard.

Setting Up Your Account Default Reply

Caldera Forms Pro will attempt to use the from address set in your Caldera Forms mail and auto-responder emails. But for safety’s sake its good to give it a default reply address.

To do this, open the left sidebar menu and click Account. Then on the account page, fill in the Default Reply Name and Default Reply Email fields. Then click the Update button to save.

While you’re on the account page, notice that your API keys are displayed there. You will need those soon. Also, there is a setting for Default Layout. You will want one or more of those, so let’s make one.

Create One Or More Layouts

Note: Fancy layouts are a feature of the Awesome and Apex plans. The Basic plan uses the default layout created in Caldera Forms. If you have the basic plan, you can play with the layout builder, which is fun, but not use it to make your emails and PDFs look awesome.

The layout builder is where you will create one or more layouts for your emails and PDFs. You can choose to use 1 layout for every form’s email and PDF or a different one for each form. You can even choose to use a different layout for PDFs or emails.

You can access the layouts section by opening the left sidebar menu and clicking on the Layouts menu item. We have complete documentation on  how to use the layout builder here.

Set Your Default Layout

In the next step we will look at how to set which layout you want each form to use for emails and PDFs. But, to be safe, you should set a default layout. Any form that doesn’t have a layout set for it, will use the default layout.

Go back to your accounts page by opening the left sidebar menu and clicking the Account menu item. Then find the Default Layout setting and choose your default layout. Click the Update button to save your account.

Keep this window open as you are going to need your API keys in the next step.

Setting Up Your WordPress Site

Now in the WordPress site you wish to use Caldera Forms Pro on, login in and go to the WordPress dashboard. Under the Caldera Forms menu, you should see a submenu item Caldera Forms Pro. If you do not see this, you will need to upgrade to Caldera Forms 1.5.1.

Click on the Caldera Forms Pro menu item. If you do not have the Caldera Forms Pro client installed, you will see a button on this page labelled Install Caldera Forms Pro. Click that button. This will install the client plugin. You can also get the client plugin by downloading it from Github and manually uploading it to your site.

Once Caldera Forms Pro is installed, you will see two settings form fields. The first is API Public Key and the other is API Secret Key. Copy these from the Caldera Forms Pro account page.

Once you add both keys, Caldera Forms will verify your account. If verification is successful, the remainder of the settings will now become available. If not, double check your API keys and that you have not addd additional characters or spaces.

Enhanced Delivery

Below your API keys, you should now see a setting called Enable Enhanced Delivery. If you have the Apex Plan, this will be an option. You must click this if you wish to use Caldera Forms Pro to deliver your emails, and track open, click and spam report stats. Also, we might be working on a very cool Google Analytics integration feature for enhanced delivery, so you want to check this box.

If you have the Apex or Awesome plan and do not check this box, the fancy layouts created in Caldera Forms Pro will be used for the HTML of your emails. But they will hopefully be delivered via your WordPress server.

Form Layout Settings

If you want to create multiple layouts, you can select which one to use for each form in the Form Settings section. This section has four columns, for each form:

  • Email Layout – This selects the layout to use for emails from this form. If it is empty the default layout will be used. This setting requires the Awesome or Apex plan.
  • PDF Layout – This selects the layout to use for PDF generated by this form.If it is empty the default layout will be used. This setting requires the Awesome or Apex plan.
  • Attach PDF – If checked, a PDF will be attached to the main mailer email.
  • PDF Link – If checked, a link will be shown in the front-end after a completed submission.

Click The Save Button

That’s it, your Caldera Forms emails are now more awesome. Just make sure you hit save, and take a moment to enjoy life. Life is awesome and wonderful.





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