Caldera Forms YouTube – Getting Started

Caldera Forms YouTube Banner

YouTube Video overlayed with Caldera Form

Caldera Forms YouTube allows you to use a YouTube video to entice site visitors to fill out a form, such as a mailing list sign-up form. This add-on creates a responsive YouTube player that transforms into a Caldera Form when the play button is pressed

Before you begin, make sure you have Caldera Forms or later, as well as the Caldera Forms YouTube add-on installed and activated. Also, you will need the ID of a YouTube video. This can be any video, but normally you would upload a video to your account and make it unlisted.

Creating Your Sign Up Form

Any Caldera Form can be used to overlay your YouTube video, but it’s best to create a very short form as there is limited room on the player, especially on mobile. For that reason, we recommend creating a very slim form, with just name and email to capture those basic details.

  • Inside your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Caldera Forms link and click on it. This will bring you to the Caldera Forms Admin page.
  • Select the New Form button which will be allocated at the top of the screen, inside the Caldera Forms menu bar and a modal will open with with predesigned templates. Choose Blank Form and click Create.
  • This will take you to the form editor. In the form editor add two fields by dragging the blue Add Field button into the layout grid, once per each field:
    • For the first field, choose a single line text field. Set it to be required and label it as “Name”.
    • For the second field, choose an email field. Set it to required and label it as “Email.”
  • To keep the form short, split the row, by clicking the split button at the top of the row and then drag the email field to the right.
  • Add one more row by clicking the plus below the first row. In that row add a button field and label it “Sign Up”.
  • Click the Save Form button at the top of the form.

Form editor for Caldera Forms creating a simple sign up form

Adding Your Form To A Page

In a WordPress form or page, you will need to add the Caldera Forms shortcode to the content, where you want the player to appear. This shortocde is the same shortcode as you would use for any other Caldera Form with one additional argument video_id which is the YouTube video ID.

The shortcode looks like this:

For example, to show the Caldera Form with the ID CF 1234567 over the video with the ID vHprwapE33Q you would do this:

That’s It?

Yes, that’s all it takes, but this is an add-on that is best paired with other add-ons. We recommend that you use a mailing list processor like our MailChimp or ConvertKit add-on to add the details you capture to your list. This allows you to use Caldera Forms and YouTube videos as a lead magnet on your WordPress site. In order to track the success of your marketing, the Google Analytics add-on will allow you to track form loads and submits.

When you using Caldera Forms YouTube with MailChimp, its a great idea to add subscribers to an interest group that matches the video content. This will allow you to send targeted email to subscribers based on that segment.