Dwolla For Caldera Forms: Getting Started

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The Dwolla for Caldera Forms payment processor makes it easy to use the Dwolla payment gateway to accept payments on your WordPress site, securely and with low fees. Thanks to the from templates included in this plugin, creating a payment form with Dwolla can be done very quickly.

The Dwolla for Caldera Forms processor is installed like any other plugin. It requires Caldera Forms 1.3 or later. Please ensure that you have both plugins installed before beginning.

Finding What You Need From Dwolla

In order to use this payment processor you will need to register an application in your Dwolla account, and then generate API Keys for that app.

Dwolla has two, almost identical sites, one for testing and one for live use. You should create your application on both sites. First configure your form with the test application’s API keys and then switch to your live application’s keys. In the processor settings, everything will be the same, you just need to change the keys, and disable the “sandbox” checkbox when you are ready to go live.

Register an Application:

dwolla-account-settingsIn order to configure the Dwolla for Caldera Forms payment processor:

  • Account ID
  • Application API Key
  • Application Secret Key

To find your Dwolla ID, click the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the Dwolla dashboard. At the top of that menu, you will see your Dwolla ID.

Creating Your Application

You can use any name you would like for the application. The website address should be the URL of your website and you can leave all the other URL fields blank. For the permissions required you check just “Account Information” – the minimum permissions are sufficient.

Once you have created your application, you will be able to view application details.

On the application details screen, copy the “key” and “secret” for the application you created.


Setting Up A Payment Form In Caldera Forms

Creating a new Caldera Form for use with Dwolla, using a template.When the Dwolla for Caldera Forms processor is installed there will be two additional form templates you can use to create a new form. The first is an example invoice payment form that asks the user to provide the invoice number and total. The second example demonstrates how to make a form where the users chooses between two services, each with different prices.

It is recommended that you start with one of these two templates, but it is not necessary. Both of these templates have the Dwolla processor pre-configured, you will just need to add your account number and API keys.

If you are creating a form from scratch, you will need to go to the “Processors Tab” and click the “Add Processor” button. In the modal that appears, select “Dwolla for Caldera Forms” to add the Dwolla Processor.

The Dwolla processor does not require much setup in your form. Technically, the only field you need is a submit button, but that requires that you have a fixed price. The service payment template allows for one of two services to be selected, which updates the value of the calculation field, which is used to set the total price passed to Dwolla.

Here is the layout editor for that form, which also requires the customer name and email address:

Creating a WordPress form to process payments using Dwolla


Here is what the processor settings look like:

Setting Up The Dwolla Payment Integration for Caldera Forms

In the processor settings, you will need to add your account number, and API keys that you found earlier in this document. Besides entering that information. Every other field, besides the “Product Price” field is optional.

The Order ID field is optional. Keep in mind that leaving it blank will result in a random number being used for order ID. If you need more control over order ID, use an incremental value processor.

The Form In Action

Once you have finished configuring the form, save it, and then click the “Preview” button in the top corner of the Caldera Forms admin to test it. The example form will look (when using the Twenty Fifteen theme) like this:

Example Caldera Form used to accept payments for services via the Dwolla API


Once you are happy with your form, and have switched to the API keys of a live application, disable sandbox mode in your form. Then create a new page, and use the “Caldera Forms” button to insert the form you created into that page via the Caldera Forms shortcode.

When your customers go to that new pay and click the pay button, they will be redirected to Dwolla and asked to login or create an account and then complete the payment through Dwolla.

Once they have made the payment, they will be sent back to the same page. On that page, they will either see a success message, or an error. If you are tracking entries for your form, details about the payment will be available in the entry viewer for that form.