How To Edit Caldera Forms Entries

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There are many ways to edit saved Caldera Forms entries. Some methods allow you to edit form entries using forms, these methods are simple. There are also ways that require custom coding, designed for developers to build custom solutions.

Using The Entry Editor

From the Caldera Forms admin screen, or a sub-menu entry viewer, you can click the View button for any entry. This opens a modal with the details of the entry. In the bottom left of this modal is an Edit Entry button. Click this button to bring up the entry editor form. This form is very close to the regular form, but hidden fields are converted to text fields to make it easier to edit them.

Using A Regular Form

All forms can load previous entries and be used to edit those entries. For security reasons, this will only work if you are logged in as an admin user or the user who originally submitted the form. When loading a form this way, the original entry data will be used as field defaults.

You can load a form with the previously submitted data as an entry editor in one of two ways. The first way is to use the “entry” shortcode argument.

The other way, which provides for dynamic entry IDs is to use the cf_ee query variable. For example, if your form is at, use

For an even more dynamic system, you can make a form that will always be used to edit the form entries when the current logged in user has previously filled out that form. This is accomplished by tracking the entry ID in user meta when the form submits and then using the caldera_forms_render_entry_id to specify an entry ID to edit in the form:


Using PHP Code

Caldera Forms provides PHP APIs for reading and updating Caldera Forms entries.

Editing Caldera Forms Entries With PHP


Using The REST API

The Caldera Forms REST API does not currently provide any way to edit entries. But it will soon.