Radio Fields

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Caldera Forms radio field


The radio fields, like the Dropdown Select, allows for a user to select a single option while seeing all options at once. The “inline” option in the field configuration can be used to make the options show in a horizontal, instead of a vertical list.


Caldera Forms Dropdown Field Autopopulate OptionsSelect Option type fields have an option to auto-populate. These fields can be auto-populated from a data source.

Built in sources are:

  • Post-Type
    This will create an option for every post of the selected type
  • Taxonomy
    This will create an option for every term of the selected type

The auto-populate can be extended using the caldera_forms_render_get_field_type-checkbox filter.


Caldera Forms Dropdown Field Bulk Options EditorOptions are added an option at a time, or using the bulk inserter.

Bulk inserting opens a text area. Each line is an option.

Clicking insert options creates the list.


For more information, click to see how to use radio fields to advance page in a multi-page Caldera Form.