Postmatic – Getting Started

The Postmatic add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this documentation. You’ll also need the Postmatic plugin for this processor to work.

The Postmatic add-on adds the option to signup anyone submitting the form to your Postmatic account.

Adding the Postmatic Signup Processor

In the form you want to enable Postmatic signups in, click the Processors tab and Add Processor:

add processor section of the caldera forms builder

Then select the Postmatic processor:

The Postmatic processor within the list of Caldera Forms processors

Configuring the Postmatic Processor

Postmatic needs three pieces of information about the person signing up using your form:

  1. Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name

There are settings for each of these in the Postmatic processor. Magic Tags can be used (just click on the setting) to map the field on your form to the matching setting within the processor.

The Success Message setting can be used to display a custom Postmatic signup message after the form has been submitted.

Create an Opt-in Option on the Form

Every user filling out the form may not want to be signed up to your Postmatic account, buy may still want to complete the form.

  1. Place a Checkbox field on the signup form and return to the Postmatic processor.
  2. Click on the Conditions tab of the processor.
  3. Set the Condition to Use
  4. Select the Checkbox field as the “if” setting “is” “checked”
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