Process Chaining

Caldera Forms -- Responsive, drag and drop form builder.

Caldera Forms uses Form Processors to “do stuff”. The beauty of this is that you can build fairly complex functionality by chaining them together.

This example is chaining together a Keygen processor and an Auto Responder then on a second form, chaining a Keygen Verification processor and a File Download processor.

First Form: Download Key Request

The first form is responsible for generating a key and sending it to the user.

The Keygen processor generates a key to our pattern and returns it to as a {keygen:key} tag.

Caldera Forms Processor Chaining
Configuring the keygen addon

The Auto Responder processor then sends an email containing the key and the URL in which to verify it. The Verification url contains a second form that utilised the Keygen Validator processor.

Caldera Forms Processor Chaining
Configuring the Auto Responder to send the Key

You can see in the Auto Responder Config above, that the URL in the message box includes a key={keygen:key} This will be used on the verification form using the default value from a {GET:key} magic tag.

Second Form: Verify key and create download link.

The second form will verify the key is valid and build a download link for a file.

Caldera Forms Processor Chaining
Configuring the Verify Key processor

This processor will take the key from the key input and check its valid against the Validate Key. In this case the Download Key we generated in the first form.

The File Download processor creates a download link and returns it as a magic tag. We can use this tag in a Redirect processor or Auto Responder. Anywhere that allows a magic tag to be used. In this example, I have placed it as a download link in the Success Message box on the General Settings tab.

Caldera Forms Processor Chaining
The success message will display the link to download the file.