Quick Start Guide: Install Caldera Forms Pro

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You’ve subscribed to Caldera Forms Pro, now what? Six Five easy steps to better WordPress forms:

Step 1

Login to the Caldera Forms Pro App. You will use the same username and password as on CalderaForms.com.

Step 2

In the app, create at least one layout. This guide will help you create a layout.

Step 3

In the app, go to your account page — use the side menu. Find your API keys at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

Login to the WordPress site with Caldera Forms admin area

Step 5

With Caldera Forms 1.5.8 or later, this step is not required.

Install the client plugin for Caldera Forms Pro from the Caldera Forms admin

  1. Go to the Caldera Forms Pro submenu item of the Caldera Forms menu
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to install and activate the plugin
  3. You can also download the plugin from Github

Step 6

Setup Caldera Forms Pro client on your WordPress site

  1. Go to the Caldera Forms Pro submenu item of the Caldera Forms menu
  2. Enter your API keys
  3. Select the “Enhanced Delivery” option for the most reliable email delivery.
  4. Optionally set a layout for each form — if none is set the default layout set in the app account page will be used.
  5. Optionally enable PDF generation for each form


Save, test, enjoy!

Caldera Forms Pro: Getting Started

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