Reload The Same Page After Form Submission

Caldera Forms Redirect Processor

By default Caldera Forms does not refresh the page after a form submission. This article will explain how you can reload the same page after Caldera Forms submissions.

  • Disable AJAX submissions – By turning of AJAX submissions, the process of submitting the form will require a page refresh. This works but is not a great user experience.
  • Use a redirect process or to redirect with the {embed_post:permalink} magic tag as the URL setting in the redirect processor.┬áThis will work on single pages or posts, but is not the most reliable way to generate a URL of the current page.
  • Use a hidden field that has the {current_url} magic tag as its value, and then use the magic tag of that field as the URL setting in the redirect processor.
    • NOTE: The {current_url} magic tag was added in Caldera Forms 1.5.2

Setting Up Caldera Forms To Redirect To The Same Page

Make sure you are using Caldera Forms 1.5.2 or later.

  • Step 1: Create a hidden field whose value is the {current_url} magic tag –

Caldera Forms Hidden Field Settings Using Current URL Magic Tag

  • Step 2: Create a redirect processor, with the field created in step 1’s magic tag as the URL setting.

Caldera Forms Redirect Processor