Repeat Email Confirmation Using Conditionals

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I’ve been asked why I did not include a “repeat email address” field option in the builder. The simple answer is that it’s difficult to style when you have a grid layout system.

The long answer is because it is unnecessary since you can do it using conditions.┬áSo here’s an example of using conditions to verify a field like “email again.”

We place the condition on the submit button and set it to be disabled if Email1 IS NOT %email2%. This is fine but on load, both fields are empty meaning they are the same so the button won’t be disabled. We then add an additional OR if Email1 IS (blank). This means if the first email is empty the button will be disabled.

Here’s a screen clip showing it being setup followed by the result and a link to download the example.

Setting up the Conditions

Setting up the disable condition on the Submit Button

The Result

Result of the confirm condition

Download Example

Download the example form