Using Caldera Forms To Segment Subscribers In MailChimp

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Adding subscribers to a segment of your MailChimp list is possible as of version 1.3.0 of the Caldera Forms MailChimp add-on. This document is about adding subscribers to static segments. You can also add a subscriber to interest groups which you can use to create dynamic segments. That process is documented here.

Using MailChimp Interest Groups With Caldera Forms

What Is A Segment In MailChimp

A segment is the grouping of similar contacts into a list. For example, you could add all contacts that purchased a certain product or depending on form input to a specific segment. This is great to target the right audience in your email marketing. Here’s what MailChimp has to say about segments.

Setting Up Caldera Forms To Use Segments

If you are familiar with the MailChimp processor, you will be able to have segments up and running in no time.

Creating A Subscription Form

Firstly, we will need to create a form using Caldera Forms – if you already have a form setup you may skip to the next section. In this example, we will be creating a typical ‘Sign up for newsletter’ form.

1. Inside your WordPress dashboard select Caldera Forms link in the admin menu.
2. Click on the button New Form and select Blank Template (The ‘New Form’ button will be blue and found at the top of the page).
3. Name your form and click Create Form.
4. You should now be in the Caldera Form builder where you can add the necessary fields you would like to capture and push to your MailChimp segment.

The fields that you add to this form will match the fields found inside your MailChimp list/segment – in this case, I will be setting up a simple name and email form with interests that a user may select either ‘cats’ or ‘dogs’ so we may add them to the relative segment.

Once you have completed the form it should look something similar to this –

MailChimp Segment Example Caldera Form back-end
MailChimp Segment Example Caldera Form back-end







Your MailChimp list should look similar to this –

MailChimp Segment Example with Caldera Forms
MailChimp Segment Example with Caldera Forms













If you are new to Caldera Forms be sure to checkout our MailChimp getting started guide.

Setting Up MailChimp Segments

In this test form, we have a radio box where users may select either ‘cats’ or ‘dogs’ and they will be automatically added to the MailChimp segment. As mentioned earlier this is great to filter your potential clients and existing clients so you may target clients to their specific needs. To get this to work will require some minor configuration inside MailChimp –

1. Login to your MailChimp account

2. Select your MailChimp list that you would like to add a segment to and select ‘Manage Contacts’

MailChimp Manage Contacts
MailChimp Manage Contacts Settings









3. Under the Manage Contacts settings select Segments and create a new segment. Please note that this requires at least one email address to be in the MailChimp list.

MailChimp Segments
MailChimp Segments














4. We will be filtering our subscribers by their interest so create one segment for ‘dogs’ and one segment for ‘cats’.

MailChimp Segment Example Create Segments
MailChimp Segment Example Create Segments











5. Save your segment and be sure to have auto-update selected as users will automatically be added to this segment.

Connecting Caldera Forms To MailChimp

Now that we have setup both the subscription form and MailChimp list with the relevant segments we are ready to connect Caldera Forms to MailChimp and start adding users to our MailChimp segments.

1. Create a MailChimp processor per segment, if you have 3 segments you will need 3 processors with conditions.

2. Once you have added a MailChimp processor, simply insert your API key and add the relevant fields you are capturing to MailChimp, in this case it will be Full Name, Email and Select an Interest.

MailChimp Processor settings
MailChimp Processor settings

3. Add a condition to the MailChimp processor to only use this processor depending on the selection of the ‘Select an Interest’ field. This will then add the user to the relevant segment. (=You may also use a condition in this sense if you are wanting to add users to multiple MailChimp lists according to input.

MailChimp Processor Conditions
MailChimp Processor Conditions

4. Save your changes

That’s it!