FacetWP is the best tool to create amazon.com-style facet search on a WordPress site. If you’re not familiar with faceted search, checkout the FacetWP demo and start imaging how much you could improve your site with it. It’s great for eCommerce sites, and any type of sites that are content heavy, as FacetWP helps get your site visitors to the content they need, quickly and intuitively.

Clarity for FacetWP brings the easy to use admin that you expect from a CalderaWP product to managing FacetWP content. Clarity is visual layout builder for FacetWP. It doesn’t require a single line of PHP to use. You can control which posts are shown, create a template for your results, and put it all together with your Facets into a visual layout that can be displayed with a simple shortcode or as a page template.