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Caldera Forms Priority Support is an alternative to purchasing an add-on or a bundle to receive technical support for our Caldera Forms WordPress plugin. Priority support tickets will be answered with a higher priority. If you’ve already purchased Priority Support, you can request support via this page.

Request Caldera Forms Priority Support

What Do You Get With Priority Support?

Priority support covers issues with the core plugin and integrating it with your site. If you're having site specific issues with just the free Caldera Forms plugin, we will help you troubleshoot those issues and identify possible problems on your site. All Caldera Forms support is ticket-based via email.

What Is The Turn Around Time For Priority Support?

Support tickets are answered within one business day. Priority support tickets are given higher priority. Please keep in mind, this is not a development service. You are responsible for troubleshooting and providing the information we need to fix your issue.

How Long Is Priority Support Good For?

Priority support is $50 for the first month and $25 for each additional month. You may cancel your priority subscription at any time, but you will be billed for the whole month.

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