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Caldera Forms Style Customizer brings a touch of elegance by helping you easily make your forms beautiful.

Simply use the WordPress customizer to style each field with tons of options (from text fields to toggle switches, passing by checkboxes, radio buttons, selects dropdown, success alert…) and make your own design in just a few clicks.

Caldera Forms Style Customizer is the perfect addon to Caldera Forms, an essential tool for non-coders or those who just want to save time.

You can even export your custom settings to backup or reuse on another site! Caldera Forms and Caldera Forms Style Customizer is a unique toolset to create awesome advanced custom forms with ease.


Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi & Extra requires the Caldera Forms plugin and Divi or Extra themes by Elegant Themes.

Getting Started Guide

Caldera Forms Style Customizer: Getting Started

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This Is A 3rd-Party Add-on

Author: Pierre Bichet

Pierre is a French graphic designer, who has working for 15 years in a small advertising agency (4 employees and 1 cat!) in the east of France.
He doesn't consider himself a developer but rather a problem solver. As a co-founder of an important french Divi community and a big fan of Caldera Forms, he rolled up his sleeves and created this useful plugin that allows you to easily style forms in depth with no code.

When Pierre is not working on his Mac, you could find him playing the fool with his daughters, composing music or volunteering in an association of his village.

What Does 3rd-Party Add-on Mean?

This add-on was developed by a different company than Caldera Labs. The add-on has been reviewed for quality by Caldera Labs.

How Is Support Handled For 3rd-Party

Support for 3rd-party add-ons can be requested through our support form. Our team will work with the developer to get you the best possible support.

What Comes With The Purchase Of A License?

You are paying for access to the download of the plugin(s), as well as updates and support for one year.

Are 3rd-Party Add-ons Included In Caldera Forms Pro?

No. Caldera Forms Pro only includes add-ons developed by Caldera Labs.

Is This A One Time Purchase Or A Subscription?

The price listed is for a 1 year license. You can renew your license after one year for 50% of the original price. For your convenience an automatic payment is created when you purchase.

What If I Don't Want A Subscription?

Your subscription can be cancelled at anytime after purchase. Once cancelled, your license key will not renew automatically and will expire on the expiration date. Once expired, the add-ons will still work, but you will no longer receive automatic updates or have access to support. There is no "kill switch" in our plugins. You may manually renew your license at any time to reactivate your subscription.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

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