You can use PayPal for Caldera Forms to incorporate calculation fields into your form, then set and display your price for the purchase. Once users have filled out all of their necessary info in the form, you can easily send them over to PayPal to complete their payment transactions.

With PayPal for Caldera Forms, all transaction metadata is included in the saved entry data — and you can display transaction data via a customized confirmation message, which is sent to the user when a transaction is completed.

Learn How To Use PayPal Express for Caldera Forms

PayPal Express vs PayPal Pro

PayPal Express checkout for PayPal allows for one time payments via your PayPal account or credit cards. All payments are completed by redirecting to PayPal and then returning to your site.

PayPal Pro has several payment options and involves no redirects. With PayPal Pro you can accept credit cards using Caldera Forms credit card fields, or via a PayPal account using PayPal Flow.