Gutenberg: Making Consistency Easy

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Consistency is key when creating a beautiful, functional, site. The Gutenberg Editor, as well as some easy-to-use- plugins, make achieving consistency simple. The Gutenberg editor is described as “a new publishing experience for WordPress,” allowing you to build sites using various blocks. Using the Gutenberg editor alongside some helpful plugins makes the experience of building webpages with WordPress more intuitive than ever.

These are slides and links for Caldera Forms’ lead developer Josh Pollock’s iThemes Training Webinar: Gutenberg: Making Consistency Easy.

Some Helpful Plugins To Check Out

  • Atomic Blocks: Collection of content blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor.
  • Drop it: Allows for one click inserts/uploads of photos.
  • Dummynator: Creates placeholder text.
  • Stackable: Adds the missing design blocks and options you need in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Gutenberg Manager: Allows you to enable/disable the Gutenberg editor wherever you want.

A Few More Things To Keep In Mind

A consistent page layout makes for a good looking website, and even better SEO. Gutenberg templates and color palettes are a great way to ensure this. Color palettes are important for branding purposes and, by defining one, all of the blocks within the theme will have consistent coloring. Gutenberg templates help to assign a consistent structure or layout, depending on post type.

For examples of utilizing the Gutenberg Editor, color palettes, templates, helpful plugins, and shared blocks, check out Josh Pollock’s iThemes Training Webinar slides here: