Introducing Caldera Forms Pro

A different kind of WordPress contact form process is here.

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Caldera Forms Pro makes everything about the emails that go out from your Caldera Form more awesome. It provides a visual layout builder for designing beautiful emails, reliable email delivery with open and click rate statistics, and the option to attach PDFs to the emails.

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Caldera Forms Pro Features

Are Your Emails Being Delivered?

If you have a form on your site, you need to know that the emails it sends will be delivered. Email deliverability is a known problem for all WordPress websites and requires a 3rd-party service to solve. We’ve felt our users pain, and created a simple system that works perfectly with Caldera Forms.

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Caldera Forms Pro Layout Builder

Do Your Emails Look Professional?

First impressions are everything, so is a consistent second and third impression as you nurture a relationship with leads. Your forms are an important part of your marketing efforts. To convince your leads that you’re a professional they want to do business with, they need to look beautiful and on brand.

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Caldera Forms Pro Message stats graph

Do You Know If Your Emails Were Opened?

Before you follow up with a lead you need to know if they have read the auto-reply emails or not. Did they click it? Did they mark it as spam? These are things you need to know if you’re going to develop a winning sales strategy.

Form to PDF

Forward your form submissions as PDFs exactly how you want them: as a link, an attachment, or both.

Get Every Email

Stop worrying: reliable email sending is here, even track them in the app's dashboard outside your inbox.

Know What's Happening

Click stats, submission numbers and open rates are right in the app. More information means you're in control.



$9.99/ month

  • Form To PDF i
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$19.99/ month

  • Form To PDF i
  • Layout Builder i


$29.99/ month

  • Form To PDF i
  • Layout Builder i
  • Enhanced Delivery i
  • Email Stats i
Form to PDF
When you need your form submissions in PDF format, Caldera Forms Pro is the most effective and reliable solution. You can also dictate how they’re shared: attached to an email, as a link, or both. This feature is included with all Caldera Forms Pro plans.
Layout Builder
We pioneered the grid-based drag-and-drop WordPress form builder. Now, we’re pioneering the grid-based drag-and-drop WordPress email layout builder. Visualize all of your important communications. See how easy it is in the documentation.
Enhanced Delivery
Email deliverability is a known WordPress problem, and until recently, required back-and-forth with your hosting provider, site settings, SMTP plugins, and more. Take back your time: we'll handle it all for you on the Caldera Forms Apex plan. Learn more here.
Email Stats
Get a built-in dashboard for seeing what happens to the emails your WordPress site is sending. Are they being opened? Are they being clicked? Armed with information, you can make your communications smarter. See what you can track in our documentation.
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