Recommended Themes

This is an intentionally short list of theme companies that we recommend for use with Caldera Forms. This list is highly selective and theme companies are chosen beacuse their themes look great, and work with Caldera Forms. In addition, these are companies that we have an open line of communication with the developers to ensure that any issues that do arise with these themes are fixed quickly.

We also have a growing list of plugins, including several page builders with special Caldera Forms integration.

Recommend Theme Companies

Aspen Grove Studios

Aspen Grove Studios makes child themes for Divi that are easy to setup and look fantastic. All Aspen Grove studios themes are setup with special styles to make Caldera Forms look great. Make sure to grab their 15 free Divi layout packs to use with Caldera Forms.

Proteus Themes

Proteus Themes make niche WordPress themes with a clean and stylish design. Proteus Themes look great with Caldera Forms, just make sure to follow these simple steps when setting up your forms. Their theme ConsultPress has special Caldera Forms compatibility. Use Caldera Forms with ConsultPress for better lead generation forms and payment forms.

Become  A Recommend Caldera Forms Theme

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