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Common Caldera Forms Pro Questions

Yes, but it will take some custom code. Here is the overview of what you need to do:

On form submission, save the PDF URL at the caldera_forms_submit_complete hook.


This is what you need:

This adds the URLurl for downloading the PDF to the user meta field _last_entry_pdf

In the account page or wherever, create a link using using the user meta field _last_entry_pdf

Yes, you can. When you log in to Caldera Forms Pro, you can create a layout with control over colors, fonts, etc and you can add images. 


The generated layout can be edited from the Caldera Forms Pro layout builder. You can do all of those things there. 


What you are asking about, we call message layouts. Message layouts in Caldera Forms Pro can be used to design emails or PDFs. It is a feature of Caldera Forms Pro, all plans.

Simply log in to Caldera Forms Pro — — and then select “Layouts” from the left-side menu. Then on the next screen, use the form on the right side to create a new layout. Then choose the new layout from the list and click edit. There are detailed directions on how to create layout here:

In the getting started guide for Caldera Forms Pro, there is information on how to set up Caldera Forms Pro to use a specific layout for PDFs:

Contact us at for a new password.

The “action URL” is the URL that the form submission will be sent to. You can change it using the caldera_forms_submission_url filter. If you change it, then the form will submit to that URL, not WordPress. Caldera Forms will not validate the form submission, or record an entry, or send any emails, or run any of your processors. 


If any of those things above mentioned are a problem — i.e., you need Caldera Forms for more than just the form HTML and conditionals — then I would recommend alternative ways to send the data to a different URL. Most people use the Run Action processor for that –

Here is a good example of someone submitting form data to another API using Run Action:

You can set who gets the email and the reply to based on the form submission or the page it’s loaded on.

This can be done using the caldera_forms_submission_url filter.


Keep in mind, this means that no Caldera Forms processors or emails or entry tracking or anti-spam will occur. If you want your form to process the same way it does now and send submission data to a second server, I’d recommend you use the Run Action add-on instead.


After you have set up the Run Action processor, add a callback function hooked to that action you specified. In that callback, the variable passed to that is an array with all of your field values, keyed by field slug. You’ll need to use that to create a new array, with the names set how this API wants it and then use wp_remote_post to POST the data to their API.

So let’s say you have a field with the slug “module” and a field with the slug email. Also, we would be assuming you nee the date to go to (you can change that) and you set “my_run_action” as the pre-process filter in Run Action. Here is how the code would look:

Make sure to read the inline comments in the code. You will need to fill out a few parts to complete this. 

This is an important part of how Caldera Forms Pro ensures your emails are delivered, instead of being flagged as a phishing attack. If they email wasn’t set from a trusted domain, the email could appear to becoming from my email address, but sent by your server, which looks like a phishing attack to Gmail, Exchange or other clients, so they will most likely not deliver it.

With Caldera Forms Pro, the from is coming from a verified domain with properly set DNS records. We’re putting a lot of work into managing that system so you don’t have to worry about any of it and you benefit from future improvements we implement to keep up with how sending an email from a WordPress site is getting harder as time goes on.

The “reply-to” email address will of course still be respected, so that the person who gets the email will be able to reply to the person filling out the form, if you want to fill it out this way.

What you’re looking to set up could easily look like a phishing scam to Google. A WordPress site sending emails from email addresses on different domains just looks suspect. With Caldera Forms Pro, we take care of all of the DNS settings to send verified and encrypted emails so Gmail or Exchange will not flag them.

Annual plans have unlimited sites. The limitations on our tiers are the number of  add-ons and features you get and the number of messages you can process through Caldera Forms Pro per month.

If our API sends back an error that you are not authorized to send — account was cancelled or over limit — WordPress will fallback to your default. We really don’t want to ever turn off our service to a customer. So right now, it alerts us that you are over, but doesn’t turn off the emails. Then we manually reach out to the customer to get them to upgrade. We’d rather eat the extra cost for the month then break a customer site, always!

We don’t have a WooCommerce checkout add-on for Caldera Forms, but you can use Caldera Forms to populate the WooCommerce cart so that the WooCommerce checkout has the items / variations chosen and payment can happen there. The reason we didn’t build is we’re afraid of having to keep it up to date with WooCommerce and the huge number of WooCommerce add-ons. 

This took some custom code. We’d be happy to guide you — you’d need to write the code — through our support services. Or we can refer you to a developer that knows WooCommerce and Caldera Forms — for example, Chris Flanagan, who created the Caldera Forms PayPal Pro add-on, is also a WooCommerce extensions expert.

You can request more support at

There is no client plugin any more forCaldera Forms 1.5.8 or later. Please update and remove client plugin.

Common Caldera Forms Add-On Questions

Caldera Forms Pro Basic and Starter are each for 1 website. The Individual, Agency and Advanced plans all have unlimited websites.

We recommend you buy single site add-on licenses (Starter plan) as needed, unless you need more than 3, at which point it is more economical to purchase an Individual plan or higher bundle with unlimited licenses.

You are paying for access to the powerful Caldera Forms Pro app, and the download of the add-on plugin(s), as well as updates and support for one year. You are also supporting us, so we can continue developing and supporting our plugins.

Yes. Any new add-ons we release will be added to that bundles and those with active licenses will receive the new add-ons.

The price listed is for a 1 year license. You can renew your license after one year for 50% of the original price. For your convenience, an automatic payment is created when you purchase.

Your subscription can be cancelled at anytime after purchase in your account. Once cancelled, your license key will not renew automatically and will expire on the expiration date. <em>There is no “kill switch” in our products</em>. Your forms will always continue to work, but without a subscription, they will not have access to the Caldera Forms Pro app’s enhanced features, plugin updates nor support.

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