Translate Your Caldera Forms With Weglot

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Ever wondered what would happen if people who don’t speak English can understand your website?

You’ll be reaching new, untapped markets. They will feel comfortable when browsing your site, reading your blogs, and buying from you, because you speak their language.

How can you do this without speaking the other language(s)?


Weglot: Go Multilingual For Your Caldera Forms And More

Weglot is one of the best-reviewed WordPress multilingual plugins. Its powerful and friendly translation solution makes your website multilingual in minutes and allows you to easily manage your translations. It supports 100+ languages, and offers immediate compatibility with any WordPress theme.

Why Weglot?

  • Simple 5-minute set-up. No coding required.
  • Accelerated translation management: Machine & human translations with access to professional translators.
  • Optimized for multilingual SEO.

Weglot integrates seamlessly with any WordPress site, automatically detecting and translating your written content, and adapting to your plugins and theme. Once installed on your website, you can manually edit your translations in context with Weglot’s intuitive Visual Editor. And if you’re not a polyglot, you can order professional translations right from the Weglot dashboard.

Caldera Forms + Weglot Work Well Together!

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Your Guide To
WordPress Translation Plugins
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Learn how to translate your whole site (and your forms)
in no time using Weglot!

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Translate Your WordPress Gutenberg Website

Weglot is fully compatible with the new editor.

Start Reaching More People In Their Languages