Caldera Forms

The Caldera globe logo with the words Caldera Forms below it and a rainbow background

Yesterday we released our biggest, most exciting update every. Of course, we there were a few bugs, as is expected with a major release, and have released version to fix as many of these bugs as possible. As always, testing on a staging or local site is strongly encouraged, and don’t forget about WP Rollback. If you find any issues with this new release, please be sure to report them on Github.

Bug Fixes

  • HTML fields were super-broken with accents, cyrillic, non standard UTF-8, and lots of other things.
  • Fields hidden by conditional logic, which should have not made server-side validation errors were, but errors didn’t show and it looked broken,
  • Entry export or view could cause an error.
  • API, and therefore entry viewer called a method that got lost between 1.5.0-b-2 and final.
  • Shortcode for classic mode entry viewer.
  • Checkbox fields, with no explicit value, don’t return label for value, now they do.