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This is a bug fix release for Caldera Forms that we snuck a few small features into. The major fixes are for conditional logic, the admin entry viewer and field validation. Also, checkbox fields were not displaying properly in emails.

In some cases, pages loaded with slow connections were not getting the right translation files for validation messages. We now set the language at page load and then again 2 seconds later, just to be sure.

Bugs Fixed

  • Checkbox fields were showing in emails as {“opt”: “ccc” etc…
  • Entry navigation for admin entry viewer was not switching pages.
  • A bug was allowing phone fields to be submitted empty when “Use Country Code” option was selected.
  • A %field_slug:label% magic tag was not shoing the label.
  • Front-end display of calculation had an error when atan() or cosin() was used.
  • Credit card field validation was making JavaScript errors.
  • The contact form template’s send button was labeled with “Send Form” which was silly. Now it’s labelled with “Send Message”
  • Range sliders were being reset when navigating backwards in mutiple page forms.
  • Shortcode wasn’t using “shortcode_atts” function, as all shortcodes should.

New Features