Caldera Forms 1.5.1

Ohatidaira Caldera in Japan

Caldera Forms adds some really cool new features to select fields and support for Caldera Forms Pro. It also provides new hooks to help our custom fields add-on work better with Pods and fixes some bugs. See the new documentation for select options for all of the cool new capabilities added to dropdown, toggle switch, radio and checkbox fields.

New Features

  • You can now use magic tags to set the default value of a select field.
  • A select field’s options can now have a “calculation value” for use with calculation fields. This is useful if you have a select field for choosing multiple products or services and one or more options have the same cost.
  • Menu page and installer for Caldera Forms Pro.
  • More helpful links to docs in UI
  • New action: caldera_forms_autoloader_fail Runs when the autoloader can’t find class file. Useful for debugging or non-standard autoloading.
  • New action:  caldera_forms_file_added_to_media_library Runs after Caldera Forms adds a file to media library.
  • caldera_forms_mailer and caldera_forms_autoresponse_mail filters now expose entry ID

Bugs Fixed

  • Bug where Caldera_Forms_Render_Util::get_current_form_count() could return 0. It should never be less than 1.
  • Bug preventing more than one BCC.
  • Magic tags based on meta — for example processor magic tags were not being parsed.
  • Money format setting for calculation fields was not properly rounding.