Caldera Forms 1.5.3

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This update for Caldera Forms adds two super exciting new features, a few regular-level exciting features and some bug fixes.

Super Exciting New Features

Form Revisions

In previous versions of Caldera Forms, when you saved a form the old version was over ridden. In Caldera Forms 1.5.3, a copy of the old version is stored. This means you can now view, preview, and restore older versions of the form.

Working With Caldera Forms Form Drafts And Revisions

Free CDN

Page speed is important! Caldera Forms now has a switch in the general settings section to enable use of a free CDN. This CDN is powered by jsDelivr. We chose jsDelivr because their network automatically chooses the source that can serve your site visitor the fastest and they have great reliability and are free!

Improving Caldera Forms Performance With A Free CDN

Regular Exciting Features

Bugs Fixed

  • Range sliders were not using the right color after being unhidden by conditional logic.
  • Some fields in modal forms were overflowing modal.
  • Some fields had aria-labelled by attribute when no corresponding label element existed or was needed.
  • Calculation value for a select option didn’t have to be numeric.
  • Option presets & option bulk creation was not populating options properly. Now it’s fixed.
  • Checkbox fields used value, not calculations value when used in calculations.