Caldera Forms 1.5.4

Caldera Labs banner with Catdera mascot

Caldera Forms 1.5.4 is mainly a bug fix release. Users with some version of MySQL have been unable to save form edits with Caldera Forms 1.5.3. Technically, the change was saved, but the change was marked as a revision. This new version fixes that issue and a few other bugs while adding some developer-facing features needed for add-on development.

  • BUG FIXED: With some versions of MySQL when forms with a revision were saved, new version was marked a revision, not primary so it didn’t look like it was saved.
  • IMPROVED: There is now a back button for exiting a revision.
  • FIXED: Redirect processor might have encoded query vars in URL.
  • FIXED: Forms exported by old versions could not be imported.
  • FIXED: Some i18n functions.
  • CHANGED: jQuery version warning is only shown to admins now.
  • ADDED: Utility function to show if any database tables are missing
  • ADDED: A standard notification VueJS component, copied from CF Pro client, now available to all add-ons.
  • NEW FILTER: caldera_forms_save_revision disables or enables revisions
  • FIXED: Toggling form state (enabled/ disabled) no longer creates a new revision.
  • FIXED: Main admin experienced JavaScript errors when out of date PHP version was in use.