Caldera Forms

A Volcano In The Distance

This is a bug fix release for Caldera Forms. We’ve mainly been working on our QA and testing as well as the Caldera Forms Pro client plugin. But we do have several minor, but important bug fixes completed in Caldera Forms. You can see all issues that were close for this release here. I’d like to share some highlights –


  • Default values of fields used in calculations. Some fields were not providing their default value to calculation fields properly.
  • Calculation fields with no calculation defined makes a invalid foreach notice instead of just being 0.
  • Calculation fields without formulas triggered PHP Warning message.
  • Deprecation warning when attaching a CSV file to email. We fixed how we use wp_upload_bits().
  • Updated input masking library. This will help with number and phone fields on mobile.
  • Added automatic compatibility with Litespeed caching plugin.