Caldera Forms 1.5.6

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Today we have released Caldera Forms 1.5.6. This release adds new capabilities to the auto-responder processor. It also has many bug fixes, improvements needed for add-ons and an overhaul of how calculation fields work. This update is also focused on improving Connected Forms. All Connected Forms users should update to Caldera Forms 1.5.6 and Connected Forms 1.2.1 for better performance and some important bug fixes.

That last point — a rewrite of front-end rendering of calculation fields — might not seem exciting. But the number of user-requested new features that we can now begin work on as a result of this work is. Please expect to see date-based conditionals and calculations,  date-range fields and other cool stuff soon.

New Features

  • Reply to and BCC for autoresponders.
  • You can order forms in the main admin page by name
  • Major refactor of front-end JavaScript for calculation fields.
    • Faster, more reliable performance.
    • Fix issues with auto-complete field not respecting calculation value.
  • Warning in admin if your site is not using SSL.
  • cf.form.submit JavaScript event triggered by form submission.
  • cf.form.validated JavaScript event when form is validated
  • cf.form.init JavaScript event triggered when form is initializes
  •  Field ID in object passed by cf.remove JavaScript event.

Bugs Fixed

  • Field values, when “Show Values” was hidden were not updating properly.
  • Bug preventing emails from resending is fixed.
  • From name and from email in main mailer din’t work properly with bracket magic tags
  • Advanced file field files uploaded to media library could be lost between sessions with some types of object caches.
  •  Summary fields were showing magic tags of synced to field, instead of values, for fields that were field synced.
  • Auto-complete field calculation value was ignored.
  • Hidden option values (Labels Only mode) didn’t update value on label change.
  • CSV exports had non-parsable dates.
  • Calculation fields were not running on page navigation.
  • Caldera_Forms_Field_Honey::get() had unused parameters, which were required, but not called, which was causing honey pot issues.

Other Important Notes

  • Calculation fields are now using values tracked in CFState and events are dispatched with CFEvents.
  • CSV date format is now reset to how it was before 1.5.3. See: #1807
  • Sessions are now tracked as option table, not transients. See #1867
    • This should help with file field issues and handling invalid payments for payment processors