Caldera Forms 1.5.8

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We got you a block for Christmas! What’s a block? WordPress, starting in version 5.0 will be transitioning to using these really cool new blocks to create posts from. Blocks can be text, images, galleries, or more, for example, a contact form block, which is what Caldera Forms now hasWe’re very excited for WordPress 5.0 and the new block-based editor, what we can do to improve Caldera Forms with it, and how it’s going to improve WordPress as a whole.

This new release also fixes several accessibility bugs, adds a new filter for the default email address, and improves file and select fields. Also, we have bundled the Caldera Forms Pro API client into Caldera Forms core. This was done to make it easier to get pro working, and to comply with rules.

Add A Contact Form In The New WordPress Post Editor

New Features

  • New Caldera Forms block.
  • Caldera Forms Pro API client is now bundled with Caldera Forms core.
  • Added get_form method to Caldera_Forms_Entry class.
  • Added aria-label attribute for forms.
  • New filter: caldera_forms_fallback_email to change the default email address for sending and receiving emails when no valid email address is passed.
  • Caldera_Forms_Entry was made easier to test.

Bugs Fixed

  • BC and BCC were not setting properly in main mailer with some configurations.
  • Buttons in main admin page had confusing markup for screen readers that was invalid HTML.
  • HTML attribute role of form was added to form, which confuses screen readers and is against HTML spec.
  • HTML attribute role of field was added to element wrapping fields, which confuses screen readers and is against HTML spec.
  • Edit tokens for front-end editing of entries.
  • Breadcrumbs were not hiding after submission of multi-page form. Now they hide.
  • Conflict with Pods effecting Pods Template editor when Caldera Forms is active.
  • Entry viewer was displaying values of checkbox fields improperly.
  • Advanced file field required option didn’t block users from going to next page, if field was empty.
  • Select field default was not used in calculation field default.
  • Select fields were not outputting an empty option, if there default value was 0.
  • Credit card fields were validating too soon on multi-page forms, preventing advancing to the next page.
  • Some field field uploads could not process as form ID was not set properly.
  • Caldera_Forms_Entry::get_form_id() was not using all caps ID.
  • Github plugin updater URL in header was uppercase.
  • WYSIWYG field saved with extra whitespace and double escaped some values.