Caldera Forms 1.7.1

Green mountains

Caldera Forms 1.7.1 fixes three bugs.

When updating to Caldera Forms 1.7.0, when using WordPress 4.9.6 and certain other plugins, a fatal error “Call to undefined function get_home_path()” could occur. This bug is now fixed. We have tested updating from Caldera Forms 1.6.3 and 1.7.0 to Caldera Forms 1.7.0 on sites running Divi and Ultimate Member, which were two affected plugins/ themes. We are seeing no issues with Divi. Ultimate Member may still cause issues, but we believe that the changes in will allow for Ultimate Member to be made compatible with Caldera Forms.

In recent versions of Caldera Forms, a bug in the processing of advanced file fields prevented submission of forms with the Safari and Edge browsers. This bug is now fixed.

In Caldera Forms 1.7.0 we introduced a new privacy settings page. There was a bug causing privacy settings to be lost when forms were saved. This bug is now fixed.