Caldera Forms 1.7.2

Caldera Mountain Landscape

Caldera Forms 1.7.2 is a minor bug fix release that is available now.

Developer Notes

We have introduced JavaScript unit tests with Jest. They are located in this directory.

We are now using several npm modules from WordPress created by the Gutenberg team:

  • @wordpress/data
  • @wordpress/dom-ready
  • @wordpress/browserslist-config
  • @wordpress/data
  • @wordpress/element
  • @wordpress/i18n

We have also incorporated two new modules that we created. This approach allows for more code reuse, and easier testing. The two Caldera modules that are now included are:

  • @caldera-labs/state
  • @caldera-labs/api-client

Several additional modules are under development. These modules will be helpful for development of Caldera Forms core, the Caldera Forms Pro app, and add-ons. Add-on developers will appreciate the technical documentation.