Caldera Forms 1.7.3

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This is a bug fix release for Caldera Forms.

What’s Changed

  • Improved validation for better phone fields.
  • Fixed bug preventing saving of disabling enhanced delivery setting per form.
  • Fixed a bug preventing showing the entry PDF link after a redirect from PayPal.
  • Fixed a bug that removed conditionals on processors if variables were in use.
  • Fixed a bug preventing non-admin users from editing their own entries when they should be allowed to.
  • When resending emails, magic tag were not parsed in recipients, causing fallback email to be used. Now it works right.
  • Improved performance of select2 fields.
  • When cloning a form, the email settings were reset to defaults, now they are cloned.
  • The caldera_forms_field_option_presets filter can now include calculation changes.
  • We improved the HTML markup for the consent field.
  • Added a new action: caldera_forms_admin_pre_enqueue – runs before admin assets are enqueued, after they are registered.
  • You can now select a forms in the Gutenberg block when there is only one form. #highlenderForm
  • Removed some dead code from old location of CF Pro API client.