Caldera Forms 1.7.5

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This is a minor update to Caldera Forms to fix some minor issues related to WordPress 5.0 and WordPress 5.0.1. We do not want to release a major update in December, so we have delayed Caldera Forms 1.8 until January. But, we felt these were small, important fixes we wanted to have available before the next major release, which will include these fixes, a new advanced file field, performance improvements, new REST API endpoints and many larger other bugs fixes.

Bug Fixes In Caldera Forms 1.7.5

  • Sites on WordPress 5.0+ were unable to opt-in to tracking with Freemius, and the notification blocked the post editor.
  • After WordPress 5.0.1 and related backwards compatibility breaking security updates to WordPress, some Caldera Forms export files could not be imported.
  • There was a conflict with Caldera Forms Pro and SiteGround hosting. We have resolved that issue. See this issue.