WordCamp US Taco Club: A Nonexclusive Event By Caldera Labs

Josh and Christie of Team Caldera @ WCUS 2016

The WordCamp US Taco Club Banner

Josh and Christie of Team Caldera @ WCUS 2016
Josh and Christie at WordCamp US 2015.  Photo Credit: Casey Alexander, creative commons

Thank you for a super fun first-ever #WCUSTacoClub! We loved having you guys over for an informal taco party. Special thanks go out, of course, to Postmatic for the beers and Carl Alexander for the Carls. At your suggestion, we have our eyes on Taco Club 2017 for WordCamp US 2017 in Nashville, TN.

Until we shape up for this December, you can read our round-up of our WCUS2016 experience. You can also fill out this form to get a #WCUSTacoClub sticker mailed to you – totally free.

Thanks again,

Josh & Christie