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Upgrade Caldera Forms Pro Plan

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How to upgrade Caldera Forms Pro subscription to a higher plan without paying full price. Instead of paying full price you will pay a pro-rated upgrade price -- just the difference in cost between your original plan and the new plan.Read More


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To help us provide better support, Caldera Forms Pro logs all PHP errors, warnings and notices. This filter changes the minimum severity of a message to be logged.Read More

Delete Entry After It Is Sent

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For Caldera Forms Pro to send a message, you must use entry tracking. You can delete the message after it is sent using theĀ caldera_forms_submit_complete hook. Read More

Simplified Options, Even Better Support

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We've simplified our pricing structure to add more value, make sure emails are delivered and give the best support to our customers. Read to find out what happened to Caldera Forms bundles, what we're doing to make our support even better and learn what else has changed.Read More

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