Create or edit posts from the front-end, or a custom metabox

Caldera Forms as a Front-end editor using the custom fields add-on

Use Caldera Forms to create or edit posts, including custom post types and custom fields. Can be used as a standalone form and as a custom field editor on the post editor.

This add-on processor for Caldera Forms adds two processors:

  • One for creating custom field metaboxes in the post editor using the Caldera Forms drag and drop editor, with all of the conditional logic you expect from Caldera Forms.
  • One for creating front-end postediting using a Caldera Form. This processor can be used to create or edit posts, in any post type. It can save the default post fields (title, author, content, etc.) and custom fields.

Custom Fields for Caldera Forms is the easiest way to create advanced meta boxes in the post editor. In front-end, “form to post type mode” it provides a great way to gather data from site visitors, stored as post types and custom fields.


Learn how to get started with the Custom Fields add-on here.

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