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Thanks for using Caldera Forms. If you’re on this page, looks like you need some help. Make sure to check out the documentation as you might find the answer to your question right away without having to wait for a response.

Caldera Forms Documentation

Please Read Before Requesting Caldera Forms Support

If you are experiencing a bug, or one of our plugins not working as expected, we understand this is frustrating. Because every WordPress site is different, there is certain information we need to help us understand what is happening on your site. If you provide this information, we will be able to solve your problem faster.

In the Caldera Forms support sub-menu is a Debug information tab. Please include a copy of this information in your support request. If you do not have Caldera Forms installed, you can do so through the WordPress plugins admin or use the sysinfo plugin to get similar information.

More importantly, we need to know if you are experiencing any JavaScript or PHP errors and if so, what they are. Here are instructions on finding those errors:

Get Help With Caldera Forms

Support for Caldera Forms is included with any add-on or bundle purchase. You can also purchase a priority support license to get support.

Please select a plugin you have a license for. Please login below if you are not already logged in.
If this dropdown is empty either you are not logged in or you do not have an active license for a paid plugin that entitles you to support.

We need the following information to help respond to your question. If you do not provide it, we may not be able to provide support.

This information is displayed on the Caldera Forms support page, in the debug information tab. If you are not using Caldera Forms, see the notes below this form for help finding this information.

Please list any console errors, or PHP warnings or notices you have received.

You must be logged in and have a priority support subscription to use this form.

Get Help With Caldera Forms Pro

If you are using Caldera Forms Pro the best way to get support is to login to the app and click the Support menu item. If you are having an account issue or can not login, please use our contact form.

Found A Bug?

We are sorry that you ran into a bug and want to know about it. We ask that all bugs get reported on Github so we can track them correctly.

When reporting a bug on Github, please keep the following in mind:

  • Github is not for support or for site-specific issues.
  • We do our best to work out plugin and theme issues, but can only do so much.
  • Do not expect an immediate response to a Github issue. Open a support ticket if you need help right away.
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